A new PHP Asterisk Gateway Interface

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In my random searches of the Internet, I have found on Github a new PHP AGI framework. Incase all of that sounded like gibberish: AGI == Asterisk Gateway Interface. Asterisk == VoIP Server. VoIP Server == “Press 1. for”, PHP Framework == “if ($key->pressed == “1”) {” 🙂 This framework (nicely named just PAGI) is… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s 2011, time for a new year and a list of new years resolutions. The United Nations has designated 2011 the International Year of Forests and International Year of Chemistry, but the real question is: what will I designate the year 2011 to? Well, for starters year 2011 will be the year of finalising last… Read more »

Xen Common Commands

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Xen has states! —r: the paravirtualised/hypervised “domain” is currently running some sort of process. A domain will not be in the running state (“r”) if it was just waiting for a packet to arrive or a mouse to be moved — b: blocked, domain is waiting for something, usually an interrupt (for example, waiting for… Read more »

Looking for Alpha Testers!

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Do you like testing and writing documentation for new and exciting applications? I am currently working on a new enterprise application which will simplify the deployment of new machines in a Unix network. It’s literally plug, deploy and play! I can’t really tell that much just yet on what the application actually does, that’s top… Read more »

CrazyCode and up all night

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Do the words “Crazy Code and up all night” describe you? Prefer the night more then you do the sunlight? The site CrazyCode is for you! This blog is all about any subject technical. I am trying to find a few contributing editors to also help along with writting articles for the site, so if… Read more »

Installing NRPE for Nagios Monitoring

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When you have more then three servers to monitor, automating the installation of NRPE is a must! At Digital Pacific, the configurations that I have written are very versatile, there is about ten main lines, and adding or removing a server from that line determines what services will be monitored and how. I have built… Read more »

Happy New Year!

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To all my friends that I have never met in real life – Happy New Year! This year is going to present some fun times. My code for autodeploying servers with predefined settings on them (eg, MySQL clusters, HTTP clusters) should be released some time soon. Also, ShareSource’s compile farm will go live. Another exciting… Read more »