Preparing galium TLD software to do new tricks

I am currently working on the next version of galium, the software that runs the .ing top level domain name. This update will be minor upgrade-wise (going from a 0.2 to a 0.3), but will provide a few new features, and will pave the way to galium 1.0.

What Galium 0.3 will do:

  • Enforce domain limits per user
  • Fix the last cron update “bug” (it’s not really a bug, but it is annoying)
  • Finally allow the adding of A, NS, MX etc records, so a glue name server is not required (this means that requests are handled by the slave servers directly! Can anyone spell speed increase?)
  • It will not have hardcoded SOA records…  this will be able to be changed. Somehow.

The future (Galium 0.4 and higher):

  • Allow domains to be registered via an API (probably with MyInfo)
  • Keep a backup of all (or some) previous generated TLD configurations somewhere
  • Support more backends then just BIND
  • Have a WHOIS server

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