Sydney Bank 2.0 Meetup

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As the cost of living increases and the dream of home ownership seems like an unachievable goal, how can we ensure we have the right tools in place to encourage GenY to build a financially sustainable future and make the most of their personal finances? View Larger Map On Tuesday, August 23, a group of… Read more »

MyBanco updates…

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At the moment, a new release of MyBanco is done every one to two months. The reason that there are not more updates to the MyBanco software is because do a new release is a complicated job. Queue in and is an application that automatically clones the repository, automatically detects what the… Read more »

How MyStocko works

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A few months ago, when I started working on MyBanco, I wrote a special RPC, or Remote procedure call protocol, a network protocol that allows a computer program running on one host to cause code to be executed on another host. This protocol, which uses HTTP/HTTPS and JSON is called MyInfo. MyInfo was designed so… Read more »

Announcing MyStocko

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With the help of researchers Robert Marks, Blake LeBaron and John Holland, I have been able to start implementing an algorithm for a “self operating” stock exchange. Called MyStocko, it is an application that will be able to operate a simulated stock exchange automatically without any user or operator intervention. It records all buy/sell transactions,… Read more »