Feeling small? Try .micro

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Ever tried to register a domain name, and realise, there is nothing that identifies something small? I mean, sure, there is .com for commercial enterprises, and there is .net for big network (companies) and even .org for national/international organisations, but what about if you want to do something… small? Well, your good friend is now… Read more »

Usefull DNS advice

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<Deepa> Hosting DNS content on a dynamic IP is like trying to have a baby with a dog. Even IF you succeed it’ll still be a freak (Deepa on #opennic, irc.freenode.net)

How much it costs to run a .tld

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If we were to run a proper top level domain (eg, a .au or a .nz), I would need seven or eight computers located around the world. The proof is in the root. dig au NS @ | grep ^au. | wc -l The command above returns “8“, which means that the Australian top level… Read more »