No, your Mac is not better than a PC…

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I love it when I hear people saying that Mac’s are better then PC’s. When was the fact lost on them that ever since Apple moved to Intel’s Core Duo chips, that an Apple is nothing more then (an overpriced) shiny white aluminum case? My only reason for ranting is that if I wanted to […]

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No, I will *not* call it GNU/Linux. Ever.

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Recently, a good friend of mine sent an email to the Free Software Foundation, the FSF, which was founded by Richard Stallman History Lesson time! Richard M. Stallman is a hacker and software freedom activist. He wished to create a free operating system called GNU (which is a recursive acronym for GNU’s Not Unix). Stallman […]

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How much it costs to run a .tld

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If we were to run a proper top level domain (eg, a .au or a .nz), I would need seven or eight computers located around the world. The proof is in the root. dig au NS @ | grep ^au. | wc -l The command above returns “8“, which means that the Australian top level […]

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