No, I will *not* call it GNU/Linux. Ever.

Recently, a good friend of mine sent an email to the Free Software Foundation, the FSF, which was founded by Richard Stallman

History Lesson time!

Richard M. Stallman is a hacker and software freedom activist. He wished to create a free operating system called GNU (which is a recursive acronym for GNU’s Not Unix). Stallman announced the plan for the GNU operating system in September 1983. Stallman was responsible for contributing many necessary tools, including a text editor, compiler, debugger, and a build automator. Many of these tools, such as gcc (the GNU C Compiler) are used today in (nearly) every Linux machine.

Back to my rant.

The Free Software Foundation now wishes us, the people who use Linux not to call Linux … Linux. I am sorry. The opperating system that I use is called Linux. This is the kernel that I use, hence, the system that I use is called Linux. When people ask what I have installed on my computer, I tell them either “Linux” or “Kubuntu”.

I think that we should not start appending or prepending anything to what my kernel is called.

For goodness sakes, if the Free Software Foundation wants me to start calling Linux GNU/Linux or GNU+Linux, I should start adding all the important software that I use on my machine.

Here was my attempt. Sorry to the people/companies and product/program names that I have missed.



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