Hi, my name is Tim Groeneveld. I am an open source developer located in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Opera House, viewed from Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Opera House, viewed from Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia. Image taken by Dan Breckwoldt

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My first application, NetPets, was written when I was still in primary school. It was an awesome website, essentially modled on another ‘virtual pet’ site with a similar name. Why a virtual pet site? I wanted to create a website so I could learn to program, but was short of ideas. At the time, I was hooked on this other site, so my Father suggested it might be a good start.

One of my largest open source software projects, ShareSource is a site where people can collaboratively develop software projects. It is in active development, and I care for it deeply. The first piece of code was written for it around January 2007, while I was in school holidays for projects by a friend of mine, Jordan Bracco and I were looking for a place to host code for a new project we were starting. We could not find any site that provided the features we wanted, so I said that I would start on my own, which would be fast (load time and page generation time) and easy to use.

In the past, I worked at Digital Pacific as a System Engineer. I helped them achieve some awesome milestones, definitely not a bad effort for a lone developer.

In my spare time, I hack on MyBanco, an open source project to create core banking software. I also lead the WiPhy project, which aims to give free wireless Internet access to all.


Random facts about me

  • I live in Sydney, Australia.
  • I love almost all genres of music, especially when it’s true music, and not generated by the sausage factory. We will add hardcore rock as an exception.
  • I’ve been interested in computers since I was 5, and my Dad was playing around with getting two machines (that had Windows 95 installed on them). It was a joyous moment when he and I could watch the same movie from the Windows 95 CD on the two computer screens.


5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Dan Roodt

    Dear Tim,

    We are interested in starting a community bank. Would you say your software MyBanco with some tweaks is already operational enough to be used for such a purpose?

    Also, how easy is it to localize in another language for our customers who are nog English?


    Dan Roodt

  2. Tom B.

    Tim, I read with interest your post regarding opennic and alternate TLD’s. I have an idea / question I wanted to ask you but cannot find your contact info.

  3. Rod

    I tried to install myBanco without any luck whatsoever!
    I THINK it installed just fine, but there are (seems to be) somethin(s) missing,
    like Admin page is blank, login goes to 404 error (there is no /login/), etc.
    Anyway to contact someone/speak to someone about what is (might) be wrong?

  4. Anisur Rehman


    do you have any vmware image for mybanco software on Windows or Linux platform.

    certified Enterprise IT Architect and Unix Administrator in Core Banking Domain.

    I am also reachable at
    Bank Muscat,
    unix Admin
    Muscat, Oman


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