About Me

Hi, my name is Tim Groeneveld. I am an open source developer located in Sydney, Australia.

I also do a bit of Open Source work, both on a handful of projects that I commit to, such as Chumper/Datatable, simplePagination.js, timgws/QueryBuilderParser and timgws/jquery-tagcloud

About Me

  • I am fluent in Linux, OS X and Windows.
  • I started the macpkg project – a port of Archlinux’s package manager and a handful of packages to Apple’s OS X.
  • Laravel is my PHP framework of choice


5 Comments on “About Me”

  • Hi,

    do you have any vmware image for mybanco software on Windows or Linux platform.

    certified Enterprise IT Architect and Unix Administrator in Core Banking Domain.

    I am also reachable at
    Bank Muscat,
    unix Admin
    Muscat, Oman

  • Rod


    I tried to install myBanco without any luck whatsoever!
    I THINK it installed just fine, but there are (seems to be) somethin(s) missing,
    like Admin page is blank, login goes to 404 error (there is no /login/), etc.
    Anyway to contact someone/speak to someone about what is (might) be wrong?

  • Tom B.


    Tim, I read with interest your post regarding opennic and alternate TLD’s. I have an idea / question I wanted to ask you but cannot find your contact info.

  • Dan Roodt


    Dear Tim,

    We are interested in starting a community bank. Would you say your software MyBanco with some tweaks is already operational enough to be used for such a purpose?

    Also, how easy is it to localize in another language for our customers who are nog English?


    Dan Roodt

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