ShareSource’s Makeover

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ShareSource has a new look, and it’s getting released in seven days. ShareSource3. SS3. It looks good, it feels perfect, and it works excellent. There are not really any new features, and the database schema is mostly the same (except for ten new tables), but all the missing things that just were not always there… Read more »

Interview with the ShareSource creator; Tim Groeneveld

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This text has been translated from an article written in freiesMagazin 10/2008 page 60. The article was written by Marcus Schulderinsky For a project to be successfully managed and to be available on the internet, it needs a website and various small tools. The so-called project-hosting “has to have all the services required together and… Read more »

OpenForge’s site is open for public inspection

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OpenForge is an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows different development forges to communicate each others. All the work is focused on interoperability. (From OpenForge is a new data exchange format that is slowly being introduced into ShareSource. It’s not really production-ready just yet, but it will be there by the end of this… Read more »

AegeanLinux, Looking back…

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Today I was setting up a PmWiki install for a website (more about this in the coming days), and it reminded me about AegeanLinux’s old site. Anyways, I don’t think I have any backups of that site any more, but I did go to (one of the Internet’s best websites), and look to see… Read more »

ShareSource is getting RSS feeds

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ShareSource will finally get propper RSS feeds! After how long? There has been site news RSS feeds for quite a while in ShareSource. All you have to do is add the feed, but this update will actually mean that there is support for RSS feeds with project news, commit updates and much, much more!… Read more »

Making ShareSource ‘Google Friendly’

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In the past few days, I have been working on making ShareSource a little more search engine (and in some cases user friendly). The changes all round are pretty minor, but they were necessary things that had to be done, as Google Webmaster Tools said that ShareSource had around 3,000 pages with the same title!… Read more »