AegeanLinux, Looking back…

Today I was setting up a PmWiki install for a website (more about this in the coming days), and it reminded me about AegeanLinux’s old site. Anyways, I don’t think I have any backups of that site any more, but I did go to (one of the Internet’s best websites), and look to see if I could find an old version of the site.

Man, does this bring back some amazing memories of things that I have done in my “young” days. This screenshot is from the site in 2006, I would have only been fifteen (15) years old!

It was based on ArchLinux, how ever, it did have some pretty slick cool things, like it’s own installer, written in Perl, which had both a console and Qt frontend to install it – even if it only half worked.

Will AegeanLinux ever return? Well, that will depend, but right now, ShareSource is more important. Imagine this though, if it wasn’t for me starting AegeanLinux, I would never have met webs (Jordan Bracco) and ShareSource would never had been!

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