Duff Beer, IRL!

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While in Brisbane, a good friend of mine (Hadi Nematollah) introduced me to Duff Beer (of The Simpson’s fame). Although I am not really  a beer drinker, I can say that I was not put off the taste. Not a bad deal, $25 for a six-pack of novelty beer. Bonus points for being drinkable!

Internet Travels

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*sigh* the Internet. From updated software to the Himalayas’. I thought that I might just describe today how I got lost in an interesting maze of Handbrakes to Schools in the Indian Himalayas. So, I was doing my normal morning Internet browse, off discovering what new and interesting tidbits of information I could discover. On… Read more »

Is the United States becoming too paranoid?

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I will admit that usually, I do not really discuss anything that is political, however, I think that this is worth a posting. A college at work was going through the process of installing Dell IT Assistant, and the US Government wanted immediate answers to a few questions. Here is the screenshot: Please click to… Read more »

No, your Mac is not better than a PC…

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I love it when I hear people saying that Mac’s are better then PC’s. When was the fact lost on them that ever since Apple moved to Intel’s Core Duo chips, that an Apple is nothing more then (an overpriced) shiny white aluminum case? My only reason for ranting is that if I wanted to… Read more »

Strange behaviour: Parallels Business Automation

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At Digital Pacific where I work, I have been working on migrating from our current billing system to a new; more feature complete billing system that will provide many benefits to our clients. With our new billing system, Parallels Business Automation, users will be able to see all their invoices (past, present and future) and… Read more »

Facebook photos

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<Ashley> Kayla came up with something so funny… you know when you take photos from up above you, they’re ‘myspace’ photos? well, she reckons that when you take photos with the camera looking up at you, they’re ‘Facebook’ photos xD

What Linux needs…

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Today I was working on MyBanco when the thought came to me of what Linux needs to get a better market share (our ultimate goal, 100%). Then it occured to me! We need a promo, of course, not just any promo, a Li-Li-Li-Li-Linux 2.6.3 🙂 See 2:36 🙂

Women are like…

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<Beeth> Girls are like internet domain names, the ones I like are already taken. <honx> well, you can stil get one from a strange country 😛 I laughed.

Anger Management for Rude People

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[When you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don’t take it out on someone you know – take it out on someone you don’t know…] I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I had forgotten to make. I found the… Read more »