Cluster 101: Building your first dumb cluster

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I would like to introduce you tonight to a x-part series (I don’t know how many parts there are at the moment, we will see as time progresses) entitled “How to build a www cluster in x days“. In this series, we will be looking at a wide variety of different techniques that can be […]

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My new computer

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After ranting about Apple’s overpriced machines. which are nothing short of a bad joke, I am still over excited to get my new machine. My new AMD Phenom & Adaptec 3405-based machine is going to be used by me in the testing and development of two exciting products. ShareSource’s Xen compile farm, and another, top […]

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No, your Mac is not better than a PC…

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I love it when I hear people saying that Mac’s are better then PC’s. When was the fact lost on them that ever since Apple moved to Intel’s Core Duo chips, that an Apple is nothing more then (an overpriced) shiny white aluminum case? My only reason for ranting is that if I wanted to […]

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