Livin’ the life of a working boy

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So, I thought I might like to tell you all that I am working the life of the working man now. I recently (on Thursday) started work at my first real full-time job at Digital Pacific. It seems like a pretty good place, and even though it means moving from my current place in residence,… Read more »

Interview with the ShareSource creator; Tim Groeneveld

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This text has been translated from an article written in freiesMagazin 10/2008 page 60. The article was written by Marcus Schulderinsky For a project to be successfully managed and to be available on the internet, it needs a website and various small tools. The so-called project-hosting “has to have all the services required together and… Read more »

Feeling 18

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On the 12th of September, I turned 18. This would be one reason for me slacking off in terms of number of posts. Thanks to everyone who sent me a happy birthday email 🙂 Will post a little about what I did for my birthday as time goes on, I am somewhat disapointed that I… Read more »