New Installer Skeleton

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Ever written a web application, wondering what will happen months down the track when a client (or even *gasp* you) need to install your web application? I am working on a new installer skeleton (if you will) which will allow you to very simply create a fully functional installer for your slightly complicated web applications…. Read more »

Duff Beer, IRL!

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While in Brisbane, a good friend of mine (Hadi Nematollah) introduced me to Duff Beer (of The Simpson’s fame). Although I am not really  a beer drinker, I can say that I was not put off the taste. Not a bad deal, $25 for a six-pack of novelty beer. Bonus points for being drinkable!

I love Brisbane

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  Brisbane, one of the few cities that I really love. It quite possibly might even be my favorite capital city in Australia. Should you look down similar streets in Sydney, everyone is too busy to have even the smallest of smiles.   Sure, Sydney has some nice beaches – as it is a capital… Read more »