I love Brisbane

A panorama of a Brisbane city
A panorama of a Brisbane city, Oh how I love Brisbane


Brisbane, one of the few cities that I really love. It quite possibly might even be my favorite capital city in Australia. Should you look down similar streets in Sydney, everyone is too busy to have even the smallest of smiles.

Streets Beach - an artificial beach with a view of the city
Streets Beach - an artificial beach


Bubble O' Bill ice cream
Streets Bubble O' Bill ice cream

Sure, Sydney has some nice beaches – as it is a capital just kilometers away from the coastline of the Pacific Ocean – such as Manly Beach and Bondi Beach (which has made many a lifegaurd state celebrities with the TV show Bondi Rescue), but Brisbane has Streets Beach, a man-made beach with just about 4,000 cubic meters of sand. It allows you to have a perfect view of the city lights while kicking back eating a Bubble O’ Bill ice cream.

Park on the South Bank - Panorama(Click to see Full Image)

It almost seems like that on every corner there is a park. Not just a tiny 50m2 block, but a decent sized area. Enough to fit a school class room worth of kids in. The parks in Brisbane show the fashion, style and flare that defines Brisbane, especially South Bank. South Bank is Queensland’s cultural precinct and includes Australia’s largest Gallery of Modern Art, the Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland Museum, Queensland Performing Arts Centre and State Library of Queensland.

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