Sydney IT Meetup Calendar

Wondering where all the interesting Sydney IT meetups are? I have listed here a rough calendar for 2011. There may be some updates further on in the year as more events are announced.

Big Meetups

  • PHPConfAu – Late October. You didn’t hear that form me though because the exact date is yet to be confirmed. First national PHP meetup, this one is going to be big! Some of Australia’s most respected PHP developers are already slated to be there, so if you want to learn anything new, definitely drag yourself across!
  • WordCamp – OK, technically it is in Melbourne, but this is the WordPress meetup of the year, and something everyone who has a blog should go to – tickets are $50, there is no reason not to go!
  • PyCon AU – 20th – 21st August. Again, Python’s National Conference.
  • Ad:Tech Sydney – 9-10 March. ad:tech is the leading event for the digital marketing and advertising community in Australia and New Zealand.
  • CeBIT Australia – 31st May – 2nd June. Australia’s biggest IT get-together.

Weekly / Fortnightly Meetups

  • Sydney Tech Startup Meetup – Every Thursday Morning. 8am-10am.
  • Silicon Beach Sydney – Every Friday at the Grace Hotel 6pm+. Silicon Valley has a supporting ecosystem that makes Internet innovation thrive, so what can Australia do? How can that big island with the best beaches in the world, harness the passionate, intelligent individuals who care to do more?
  • Coffee Mornings – Every Friday Morning @ 8am. A get together of social media personel.

Monthly Meetups


Please let me know (in the comments section “below”) if there is anything that I have missed out on!

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