So, I just installed MyBanco

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Right, so you have a new installation of MyBanco, what should you do now? Well, here are a few ideas just to get the ball rolling: Create a new skin of MyBanco. Skins are very easy to make, you do it by just copying an existing skin to a new directory (skins are in C:\xampp\htdocs\Skins). […]

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Installing MyBanco with XAMPP on Windows

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Download xampp-win32-1.7.0.exe from the Apache Friends website Run xampp-win32-1.7.0.exe, and set the ‘Extract Path’ to C:\ ( It’s OK, all the files will go inside a directory called ‘xampp’ ) When the extracting has finished, go into C:\xampp\, and rename htdocs to htdocs.old Create a new directory called ‘htdocs’ Copy all of the extracted files […]

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Even more patches for MyBanco

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Yesterday I talked about the mybanco-0.05-better-curl-support patch, and now I have a few more to share. ==> mybanco-0.05-check-for-mysql.patch This patch makes the backend spit out a nice error if there is no MySQL extension loaded on the server. This is much better then things just appearing t do nothing ==> mybanco-0.05-better-errors-when-they-happen.patch This patch adds more […]

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New patch for MyBanco!

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Hello everyone! About time I updated this blog! Today I am writing to give you all a new patch (with another one comming in about one hour or three.) This first patch, which I am going to offer up today is to improve a small issue with installations that do not have cURL enabled. If/when […]

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