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  1. Download xampp-win32-1.7.0.exe from the Apache Friends website
  2. Run xampp-win32-1.7.0.exe, and set the ‘Extract Path’ to C:\
    ( It’s OK, all the files will go inside a directory called ‘xampp’ )
  3. When the extracting has finished, go into C:\xampp\, and rename htdocs to htdocs.old
  4. Create a new directory called ‘htdocs’
  5. Copy all of the extracted files from ‘mybanco-x.yy’ into C:\xampp\htdocs
  6. In ‘C:\xampp’, run the file ‘xampp-control.exe’.
  7. On the window that comes up, ensure that the ‘Apache’ (web server) and ‘MySQL’ (database) ‘Svc’ checkboxes are ticked.
  8. Open C:\xampp\apache\bin\php.ini with your favorite text editor
  9. Make sure the “;” character is removed from the following lines:
    • ;extension=php_curl.dll
    • ;extension=php_bz2.dll
    • ;extension=eaccelerator.dll
      This is only needed if the performance of MyBanco is not as desired. This can boost
      the speed of the application by almost three times. It is a real speed boost.
  10. Ensure that all the “magic_” lines are set to off (for example, magic_gpg….)
  11. Save the file and click Start on both of the above mentioned boxes (Apache and MySQL).
  12. If Apache fails to start, try commenting out all of the eAccelerator lines again with “;”‘s, I say this because the xampp version I had came with a eAccelerator version not for the build of PHP included with xampp.
  13. Now that xampp has started Apache and MySQL, goto and click on the ‘Privilleges’ tab on the right top hand side of phpMyAdmin
  14. Click on ‘Add a new User’ and enter the following information:
    • Username: myinfo
    • Host: (choose Local’ from the drop down box)
    • Password: myinfo123
  15. On the ‘Database for user’ group, press ‘Create database with same name and grant all privileges’
  16. Now goto ‘
  17. Click next, press ‘I accept’ on the AGPL license (note: this means that you must share all code changes with anyone who can access the website, so if you change some code in MyBanco or any code that connects directly to MyBanco (ie, a MyBanco plugin) you must share that code with all people who can access the site. Even if all they see is the login page. This is so all people can benefit from other peoples changes to what is the most comprehensive open source bank operations software.
  18. Fix any errors that may occure on the next screen. Please note that this may mean more changes to the php.ini file.
  19. For the first three fields that you see on the next page, fill in the username and password that you created in phpMyAdmin. For the MyInfo backend location, enter ‘’. Please note that this location should be changed for more secure environments. I say this, however, but no operations can be performed through the backend without first logging in.
  20. The install should go without any glitches. If it all goes OK, the bank software is installed!
  21. Now you can goto and see MyBanco working.
    A default account has been created called ‘tim’. Login with it, as ‘tim’ as the username, and ‘login’ as the password.

Quite a quick and easy install. Should take only around 25-30 minutes to complete. (Hell, it only took me twenty-thirty minutes to write!)

– Tim

13 Responses to “Installing MyBanco with XAMPP on Windows”

  1. Robert

    Hi Tim,

    I installed the system and I am trying to get into the admin console without success . I am evaluating the system for a small bank that is looking for an online banking system

  2. ejiro

    Successfully installed mybanco but cannot login, keeps giving me a runtime Error display ” 04 00 02(402) – Array

  3. manny

    install it but I get the following error:

    Installing Database…

    [ MySQL Database …]
    Connecting to MySQL … DONE!
    Selecting database … FAIL!

  4. Tim Groeneveld

    manny, you need to be able to create the database, please see steps 4 and 5.

  5. Jasim

    Hi Tim

    I have installed the app and the frontend works fine. I am able to login as tim and see the accounts. However when i try to go to the backend i.e //localhost/backend/ I get this error
    {“CARVER”:{“packets”:0,”error”:1},”error”:{“code”:100,”human”:”No input. Please read the MyInfo development documentation”}}
    Can you pls help to troubleshoot

  6. Jasim

    One more thing, I think there is a typo in the test.php file. On line 158 it reads $curl = curl_init(‘’). When I changed it to $curl = curl_init(‘’), it worked.

  7. Jasim

    I notice the backend of the demosite has the same error message

  8. Solomon

    I have installed mybanco on ubuntu 9.04 for a test.
    When I try to get to the login page I get the following:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function template_Header() in /var/www/Page/Anyone/Login.php on line 37

    Any help?

  9. jonathan

    Hi Tim,

    I have tried installing on my webserver but it keep saying this

    [ MySQL Database …]
    Connecting to MySQL … FAIL!

    pls let me knw do i need to modify any variable in the extracted files before uploading to the webserver?

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