Even more patches for MyBanco

Yesterday I talked about the mybanco-0.05-better-curl-support patch, and now I have a few more to share.

==> mybanco-0.05-check-for-mysql.patch
This patch makes the backend spit out a nice error if there is no MySQL extension loaded on the server. This is much better then things just appearing t do nothing

==> mybanco-0.05-better-errors-when-they-happen.patch
This patch adds more backend errors when other required extensions are not loaded.

==> mybanco-0.05-frontend-myinfo-enhancements.patch
This patch fixes up the way that requests are forged and sent to the MyInfo server. Requests are now faster and use less RAM. This is good!

==> mybanco-0.05-to-0.05.1.patch
This patch updates MyBanco’s version from 0.05 to 0.05.1, on it’s way to 0.06.

[TXT] mybanco-0.05-check-for-mysql.patch 26-Dec-2008 09:15 patch
[   ] mybanco-0.05-check-for-mysql.patch.md5 26-Dec-2008 09:15 md5 checksum
[TXT] mybanco-0.05-check-for-mysql.patch.txt 26-Dec-2008 09:15 diffstat
[TXT] mybanco-0.05-frontend-myinfo-enhancements.patch 26-Dec-2008 20:01 patch
[   ] mybanco-0.05-to-0.05.1.patch 26-Dec-2008 20:11 patch
[TXT] mybanco-0.05-better-errors-when-they-happen.patch 26-Dec-2008 20:11 patch
[   ] mybanco-0.05-better-errors-when-they-happen.patch.md5 26-Dec-2008 20:21 md5 checksum
[TXT] mybanco-0.05-better-errors-when-they-happen.patch.txt 26-Dec-2008 20:21 diffstat
[   ] mybanco-0.05-frontend-myinfo-enhancements.patch.md5 26-Dec-2008 20:21 md5 checksum
[TXT] mybanco-0.05-frontend-myinfo-enhancements.patch.txt 26-Dec-2008 20:21 patch
[   ] mybanco-0.05-to-0.05.1.patch.md5 26-Dec-2008 20:21 md5 checksum
[TXT] mybanco-0.05-to-0.05.1.patch.txt 26-Dec-2008 20:21 diffstat

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  • Tim Groeneveld


    A preview of the stock exchange software is sitting in MyBanco right now. The completed software should be ready by around Thursday/Fridayq

  • Question


    When will MyStocko be released?

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