Taylor Otwell on Laravel

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I promised myself never to release Laravel until I had great documentation, and I never release a new version until the documentation is totally up to date. Any PHP programmer can pick up Laravel and start using it in a matter of minutes. The expressiveness of the code itself and the great documentation truly make coding enjoyable. http://taylorotwell.tumblr.com/post/21038245018/why-laravel

WordPress 3.5 is almost complete

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I am writing this blog article to you on the new WordPress 3.5. The updates since 3.4 are really nice. I am especially enjoying the new media manager, with it’s easy to use ‘Drop files anywhere to upload’ screen.  According to their Trac install, there is only six issues left to fix before they release… Read more »

MyBanco: FAQ

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Every time I go to my Inbox every morning; I seem to have three or four questions waiting for me regarding MyBanco. Starting from the most asked question, and going down to questions I seem to get less often, I thought I might answer a few of those questions so that I will never have… Read more »

Announcing MyStocko

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With the help of researchers Robert Marks, Blake LeBaron and John Holland, I have been able to start implementing an algorithm for a “self operating” stock exchange. Called MyStocko, it is an application that will be able to operate a simulated stock exchange automatically without any user or operator intervention. It records all buy/sell transactions,… Read more »

Galium 0.29 hotfix

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What’s fixed in this hotifx? Domain Cron is less verbose Started removing hard coded values inside the domain cron. Fixed a bug in the domain cron; where a domain would not be marked as being updated when it had beed Included the missing ‘switch’ function… woops! Galium 0.29 hotfix

Galium 0.29 released!

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Galium 0.29 released! 100% Fixed the confusing template, where logout showed up, without being logged in! 100% You can now (again) switch between local and remote hosting of domains 🙂 90% Users can now add A, AAAA and CNAME records. How to upgrade? If you have installed Galium 0.2 or later, updating is as simple… Read more »

Making ShareSource ‘Google Friendly’

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In the past few days, I have been working on making ShareSource a little more search engine (and in some cases user friendly). The changes all round are pretty minor, but they were necessary things that had to be done, as Google Webmaster Tools said that ShareSource had around 3,000 pages with the same title!… Read more »

New MyBanco bug fix release (v0.04)

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# diffstat mybanco-0.03-to-0.04.patch CHANGELOG               |  4 ++++ Skins/Simple/Simple.php | 38 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- backend/index.php       | 28 ++++++++——————– backend/test.php        |  7 +++++++ libs/MyInfo-Client.php  |  7 +++—- 5 files changed, 59 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-) Mainly a bugfix release. Fixes the following issues: Data sent to MyInfo is now always unescaped. Nice pretty runtime errors for MyBanco. The right MyInfo server… Read more »

Galium update comming in the next 20 minutes

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My Galium top level domain software will get a minor update soon, which will fix a few [minor] outstanding issues. Usernames can now contain the “-” character The zone file generator will not always give the outputted revision as being “0” (this stopped all updates from not appearing on slave DNS servers until the following… Read more »

Ruby on Rails

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A good friend of mine, Jordan Bracco recently forced me to rediscover Ruby on Rails. He told me that the new version, 1.9 is “5000x faster”, so I thought, well, why not! The last version of Ruby I tried was either version 1.7 or 1.8, and it was not really something that I would say… Read more »