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Every time I go to my Inbox every morning; I seem to have three or four questions waiting for me regarding MyBanco. Starting from the most asked question, and going down to questions I seem to get less often, I thought I might answer a few of those questions so that I will never have to type out the same repetitive answer again.

How can i download MyBanco 2009.1?
MyBanco 2009.1 is not yet released, I know that the site is a bit out of date, and that the release is way over due, all I can say is hold your horses and go download the latest release, which you will see on the very same download page that talks about MyBanco 2009.1,

Is this for real? Is MyBanco really meant in production environment of real banks?
Well, yes. This is the aim of the game. The application is not yet fully feature rich, so don’t expect Citi Bank to start using it just yet, but with enough programmers hands, it will become an application that can be used in production environments, not just for small community banks but also larger national banks.

I can’t install MyBanko. I do not use XAMPP. I use real web server. I can’t found where to write the MySQL server address on page 3 ?!?
Firstly, do your research. XAMPP is just a nice and easy way to get a webserver with Apache, PHP and MySQL installed on Windows without little work at all. It is a real server, just as much as a LAMP server is. I don’t know what you mean about MySQL, all you need to do is create a database with acceptable permissions (say with phpMyAdmin — which XAMPP also comes with…) and enter those login details into the installation script for MyBanco. The install application for MyBanco will come up when you go to the domain for MyBanco for the first time.

Is it possible to install with the following url: http://localhost/mybanco? Because, with the original installation method I have to sacrifice other websites.
No, it is not possible. The internet banking module is built to run off it’s own domain/subdomain. The easiest way to do it is to just create a virtual hosts configuration in Apache, where you have something like http://mybanco.localhost 🙂 The reason this is here is to make MyBanco comply with PCI DSS (, which are rules created by the major credit card issuers on the subject of how machines must handle credit card information.

PCI DSS Requirement 2.2.1 specifies ‘Implement only one primary function per server.’, which basically means that the internet banking interface must be on a separate server then say the backend server or the MySQL server. Of course, for testing it is OK for this to not be the case, but for the reason that there are rules to worry about, making it run the way you want in a testing environment has not really been a big concern.

PCI DSS Requirement 6.3.2 requires that test/production environments must be seperate, and it is recommended to have the same config. between both environments, yet another reason not to implement what you are saying.

MyBanco throws some errors even at installation. Step 4, i.e. stop after sql writing and gave no clue for me. And, also some undefined variables message after that.
If you encounter errors, please copy and paste them so I can fix them.

I manage a banking program at a community college. We are setting up a model branch for students to practice retail banking operations in a simulated environment and would like to use your retail banking solution. Does an extensive amount of programming need to be done before we can use the software. We only need the basics -nothing fancy. How exactly do I download it and get it to run? What hardware/operating system/database platform etc. do we need to run it? We will have about 5 – 25 work stations running it.
At the moment, MyBanco does not perform any lending functions, this is it’s only downfall. To get it running is very easy, if you look around the MyBanco website at this link you will see that there is a link to this blog post: It describes all that needs to be done to install MyBanco on a Windows system.

You can download MyBanco from here: No fancy hardware is required, a basic Core2Duo machine, which costs less then $2,000 will be able to handle not 25 work stations, but 250!

MyBanco is very fast. No programming will need to be done, unless you want to offer loan support.

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  • Rod


    Anyway to get some support on mybanco?
    From Anyone.
    There is no documentation whatsoever.
    Installed it (I think)….
    install stopped at:
    Generating “../backend/config.php” … DONE!
    Writting “../backend/config.php” … DONE!
    Generating “../config.php” … DONE!
    Writting “../config.php” … DONE!

    Nothing after. Was installation complete? Or did it stop unexpectedly without any error messages?

    /admin/ is a blank page
    Login (either blank or Tim:login from mysql) gives a Runtime error:
    Error Identification String: 04 00 01 [401]
    No HTTP code was returned

    If someone anywhere can give some support, would be GREATLY appreciated



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