Making ShareSource ‘Google Friendly’

In the past few days, I have been working on making ShareSource a little more search engine (and in some cases user friendly).

The changes all round are pretty minor, but they were necessary things that had to be done, as Google Webmaster Tools said that ShareSource had around 3,000 pages with the same title!

Well, most of the changes have been pushed to the live server, and include changes such as:

  • The commits log showing what page you are on if the page is not page one.
  • The ShareSource project Search showing the query that you have made.
  • Project file releases have a nicer title … which is based on the project’s info.
  • Screenshots is similar, all screenshots now have a (pretty) unique title
  • The ShareSource Wiki knows that it sometimes needs to ditch useless parts of it’s URL, so it redirect to a better, nicer and shorter URL
  • Fixed a few spelling mistakes again (like facilies => facilities on the home page!)
  • Fixed a few broken URL’s on the project link bar.

Did I mention that is only the top seven? Plenty more changes were made as well as those.

The fact of the matter is now ShareSource will be a nicer place for search engines to crawl. The aim is also that the site will now get a bit of a bigger Google Rank, because there is no more duplicated content on the ShareSource site.

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