Anouncing MyBanco!

Ever wanted to run your own bank? Well, my new [experimental] web application allows you to do exactly that. While some may say that I just have way too much time on my hands, others might just say that I should get top marks for my IPT [Information Processing Technology] assignment.

We had to build a database system, which implemented relational databases, and I thought, well, I could make my very own banking software, and fulfil one of my many dreams: to run my own bank.

The software, written in PHP was a testing ground for many new things that I have wanted to go and try, but never really had a project to try them out on.

I must say that MyBanco would have to be the first application that I have written with the mindset of handling around 700 transactions every second.

MyBanco uses a backend for it’s database which I have dubbed ‘MyInfo’. MyInfo is a JSON-RPC like protocol, which is easy to use, and can send multiple packets (I just thought then it might have been better to call these chunks… hmmmm) all at once, and get a response from all those packets. Think of it as a easy to read and faster to pharse version of XML-RPC.

I will chat at MyBanco a little more later, when the time is right, but for the moment this post will do 🙂

(hope you like the new blog!)

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