Feeling small? Try .micro

Ever tried to register a domain name, and realise, there is nothing that identifies something small? I mean, sure, there is .com for commercial enterprises, and there is .net for big network (companies) and even .org for national/international organisations, but what about if you want to do something… small?

Well, your good friend is now here, the .micro. dotMicro is a new top level domain (TLD) that is hosted on OpenNIC that is open for business to anyone that has something micro to share. Wether it be a local economy or a small micronation, even a microuniversity! It can all be given a name thanks to OpenNIC.

How do I get the .micro top level domain? Well, it’s simple, all you have to do is get your computer to use OpenNIC domain name servers (see the client setup guide here). Boom, there it is! What, did you expect to be hard?

But the fun just doesn’t stop there! Any domain that you register on .micro has the best possible price tag on it. Free. That’s right. You pay absolutely nothing for the priveldge of owning your own dotMicro domain! So what are you waiting for? Get out your favorite brower, and go register your .micro domain today.

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