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At the moment, a new release of MyBanco is done every one to two months. The reason that there are not more updates to the MyBanco software is because do a new release is a complicated job. Queue in and is an application that automatically clones the repository, automatically detects what the new version is, grabs a copy of the last release, and makes a patch for the last release. It also zips, tars and md5’s all the files and uploads them to the MyBanco release server. is an application that sits in the core directory of MyBanco, detects what the current running version is, and then downloads and applies all the patches to bring it up to the latest version.

What this all means is that now making MyBanco releases are easy, everything is fully automated, and also updating to the latest version of MyBanco is a breeze, because you only have to run one command.

A new update to MyBanco, MyBanco-0.10 is due in the next three to four days, which will include the new application, and also will fix up a few issues with the installer when configuration already exists (where at the moment it just crashes out.)

Also, a new wiki is going to be on the MyBanco website soon that will act as a location for users to describe their MyBanco setups, and also provide tips and tricks to get MyBanco performance to the best numbers possible.

MyBanco Phone Banking will also get a fresh new look in this release, with an easy to setup configuration file, so that doing things such as changing the voice and deactivating Lumenvox text-to-speech will be just a few minutes. I hope that later today when I open the MyBanco wiki up that people will help to add tips etc.

– Tim

Note, MyBanco was a project from a number of years ago. It is no longer developed, and the code is not really that great. If you would still like to download, install and generally have a play with it, check out the project on GitHub (

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