MyBanco 0.09 released!

MyBanco 0.09 has been released. This release has a few new (minor) features in it, and a few minor bug fixes as well. The installer now ‘phones home’ to tell how many installations have been done. This is a new feature that I am working on where you can automatically be subscribed to new releases that occur, however, this is not fully complete.

[   ] mybanco-0.09.tar.bz2 21-Apr-2009 11:32 256 KB Unix/Linux .tar.bz2
[   ] mybanco-0.09.tar.bz2.md5 21-Apr-2009 11:34 55 bytes md5 checksum
[   ] 21-Apr-2009 11:32 304 KB Windows .zip
[   ] 21-Apr-2009 11:34 51 bytes md5 checksum

Also, by popular demand I have started to write documentation for all the code. It is not fully complete (there really are only five files that contain this documentation). It is however a start.

You can download the documentation for version 0.09 here, or you can read it online at

A new minor version will be out in a few days which will expand the documentation built into MyBanco, and provide a ‘Makefile’ for building documentation. Also, this new feature will expand on the new features brought in by the ‘phonehome’ function, such as update notifcations.

Please note that all data saved with the phone home feature is anonymous, and in the future it will be used to track the ten most commonly used functions on the MyInfo server, the number of users on the system and a list of the enabled features.

Also, there is now a bug tracker at, so please report your bugs if you see them!

4 Comments on “MyBanco 0.09 released!”

  • AJ


    The admin area of mybanco is not done? I could not access it during the demo nor when I installed it on my server. Are you still working on this project?

  • Tim Groeneveld


    Capturing more information is just a matter of the backend asking for more information. You don’t need more information for transactions unless the transaction is SWIFT-specific, in that case – why ask?

  • Grahame


    I have looked at the system and will investigate using this platform for our Abraxsys products.

    Do you have any live sites? named users or clients?

    How many real banks are using this system?

    I can’t see how SWIFT messages could be generated with the minimal information you seem to capture.

  • micronat.


    Is there any news about MyStocko?

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