How MyStocko works

A few months ago, when I started working on MyBanco, I wrote a special RPC, or Remote procedure call protocol, a network protocol that allows a computer program running on one host to cause code to be executed on another host. This protocol, which uses HTTP/HTTPS and JSON is called MyInfo.

MyInfo was designed so that it could be used for anything, and be self-documenting. It’s not perfect (yet), but it does work.

My new research project, MyStocko builds on the design of MyInfo, and the flexible database schema of MyBanco to be able to do very, very cool things.

MyStocko depends on MyInfo, however, it does not need an install of any part of MyBanco, however, MyBanco, the banking application will be better off if it is used with MyStocko, because the “wallet” account, that is, the cash that is used to trade other security which actually exists – is a MyBanco account. Even though it is used inside MyStocko, it can do anything that a normal bank account with MyBanco can do.

Dividends, payments made by a corporation to its stock holders are supported in MyStocko, and are fully automated and instant. These transactions appear as a credit in the transaction log inside MyStocko, and it will show as a transaction in MyBanco.

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