MyBanco 0.05 bad query patch

There is a small typo around line 115 of backend/Plugins/transfer.php, where a line that says:
$SQL = 'INSERT INTO `myinfo`.`temp_data` (
should actually say
$SQL = 'INSERT INTO `temp_data` (

You can either change this typo manually by hand, or download the patch from my patches folder my MyBanco.

[   ] mybanco-0.05-bad-query.patch 15-Oct-2008 07:50 patch
[   ] mybanco-0.05-bad-query.patch.md5 15-Oct-2008 07:52 md5 checksum
[TXT] mybanco-0.05-bad-query.patch.txt 15-Oct-2008 07:51 diffstat

Note, MyBanco was a project from a number of years ago. It is no longer developed, and the code is not really that great. If you would still like to download, install and generally have a play with it, check out the project on GitHub (

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