A .firm Top Level Domain?


Prior to writing a charter I hope to determine how well received .firm
will be as a top level domain.

The domain will be for users who want to establish any kind of presence
in the OpenNIC name space, commercial or non commercial.

This would be the alternate ‘.com’ , more or less but open to any kind
of use with very little restriction. While the name space is likely to
turn into the twilight zone quickly, it would make it easy for companies
to register their trademark vanity on OpenNIC.

Tim [Post]

I personally think this is a good idea, however there have been top level domains such as .pro, .tel and even .travel created, but how often do you see them used? Maybe it’s just that we need to beat into peoples head that “just” because a domain does not end in dot com does not mean it’s rubbish.

But even I see my self crawling through Google, and when I see a .info domain I sort of skip over it.

It probably has more to do with content, I know that I can get Panasonic’s website when I type in panasonic.com (which I think alot of people do … brandname dot com), but I can’t get it when I goto www.panasonic.pro.

Why does dot com seem to be the de facto location for registering domains?

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