RHEL, Scientific Linux & CentOS: A sad story indeed

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I love RedHat Linux. I think it is a beautiful piece of engineering. Hundreds of thousands of man hours spent ensuring systems that have packages installed keep running. Continuously. One thing however that I have found is that my favorite RHEL clone for years, CentOS has been slacking. Bad. For example, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6… Read more »

Sydney Bank 2.0 Meetup

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As the cost of living increases and the dream of home ownership seems like an unachievable goal, how can we ensure we have the right tools in place to encourage GenY to build a financially sustainable future and make the most of their personal finances? View Larger Map On Tuesday, August 23, a group of… Read more »

Duff Beer, IRL!

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While in Brisbane, a good friend of mine (Hadi Nematollah) introduced me to Duff Beer (of The Simpson’s fame). Although I am not really  a beer drinker, I can say that I was not put off the taste. Not a bad deal, $25 for a six-pack of novelty beer. Bonus points for being drinkable!

I love Brisbane

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  Brisbane, one of the few cities that I really love. It quite possibly might even be my favorite capital city in Australia. Should you look down similar streets in Sydney, everyone is too busy to have even the smallest of smiles.   Sure, Sydney has some nice beaches – as it is a capital… Read more »

Sydney IT Meetup Calendar

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Wondering where all the interesting Sydney IT meetups are? I have listed here a rough calendar for 2011. There may be some updates further on in the year as more events are announced. Big Meetups PHPConfAu – Late October. You didn’t hear that form me though because the exact date is yet to be confirmed…. Read more »

Google’s Android Fonts

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I love Android, and I love that Google is offering such a good mobile operating system, for free. Many people might just remember that Microsoft grew to prominence in the IT industry in much a similar way. They provided DOS for free (or at least at a low cost) to OEMs, which provided them with… Read more »

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 is out!

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Red Hat is pleased to announce the availability of the latest update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, release 5.6 (with kernel-2.6.18-238.el5)! In virtualisation land, one of the major changes have been the addition of the virtio balloon driver. This new driver in Red Hat 5.6 allows guests to express to the hypervisor how much… Read more »