“dot ing” or “.ing” … it’s still the best TLD!

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Call it what you want, but I stiill think that .ing (or dotING as I have named it) is one of the best top level domains that is around at the moment. All you need to take advantage of dotING is to be a user of OpenNIC. OpenNIC is a community effort to create an […]

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Anouncing MyBanco!

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Ever wanted to run your own bank? Well, my new [experimental] web application allows you to do exactly that. While some may say that I just have way too much time on my hands, others might just say that I should get top marks for my IPT [Information Processing Technology] assignment. We had to build […]

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Happy SysAdmin Day!

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Today is the day where we celebrate all that our SysAdmins have to offer. That is, their patience and their weekends! So to all System Administrators out there, Happy SysAdmin Day!

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