Virtuozzo module for WHMCS

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I have written a module for WHMCS for Virtuozzo. If you have any Virtuozzo servers that you would love to have integrated with WHMCS, read the instructions I have posted on the WHMCS forum and download the module.

New books in my library

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Today was 32°C. I decided to go to McDonald’s and buy a nice cold frozen Fanta. A few days after I moved to Sydney I found this very awesome book store near Central Station called Basement Books. Seriously, WOW. Basement Books, conveniently located in central Sydney, offers 8kms and over 10,000 titles of discounted books… Read more »

Is the United States becoming too paranoid?

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I will admit that usually, I do not really discuss anything that is political, however, I think that this is worth a posting. A college at work was going through the process of installing Dell IT Assistant, and the US Government wanted immediate answers to a few questions. Here is the screenshot: Please click to… Read more »

Fixed my Synergy

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What does a computer nerd do when he is at work and trying to use one keyboard and mouse for two machines and it just does not work? Well, he fixes it of course! For the last few weeks, since switching my KDE desktop at work to Gnome, I have had this seriously pressing issue… Read more »

ShareSource’s Makeover

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ShareSource has a new look, and it’s getting released in seven days. ShareSource3. SS3. It looks good, it feels perfect, and it works excellent. There are not really any new features, and the database schema is mostly the same (except for ten new tables), but all the missing things that just were not always there… Read more »

Yes, I am still alive

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Between playing with my new computer and busily working away on two personal projects, I have not really updated my blog. Infact, my blog has been getting no loving at all. I thought I might just spend a few minutes at this terrible hour of the morning to update people on what is going on…. Read more »