New books in my library

Today was 32°C. I decided to go to McDonald’s and buy a nice cold frozen Fanta.

A few days after I moved to Sydney I found this very awesome book store near Central Station called Basement Books. Seriously, WOW.

Basement Books, conveniently located in central Sydney, offers 8kms and over 10,000 titles of discounted books with savings of up to 90% of recommended retail prices.

Even though the book I was specifically looking for was not there in the shop, in true Tim style I did walk out with about 1.5KGs worth of books. I suppose the only bad part of that was it was only two books.

I was looking for a book on C, because my skills have deteriorated greatly after not really writing much C code for at least 24 months.

  • MySQL Developer’s Library, by Paul DuBois; and
  • ANSI C++, The Complete Language by Ivor Horton.

I have started reading the book by DuBois, and it is a very well written; easy to understand, and it does include a very huge section about writing C applications; so it’s a win situation anyways, because I imagine that if I did write a complete C application, it would use MySQL in some way.

If your ever in Sydney, I would highly suggest going to the Basement Books store. It has amazing books… at amazing prices. Also, if you want to learn everything there is to know about MySQL, get this book. I only discovered partitioning for MySQL databases a few months ago when reading an article at work, and have loved the idea ever since. To have a nice section inside this book with practical examples for using partitioning has started to get my mind ticking.

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