MyBanco: FAQ

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Every time I go to my Inbox every morning; I seem to have three or four questions waiting for me regarding MyBanco. Starting from the most asked question, and going down to questions I seem to get less often, I thought I might answer a few of those questions so that I will never have… Read more »

So, I just installed MyBanco

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Right, so you have a new installation of MyBanco, what should you do now? Well, here are a few ideas just to get the ball rolling: Create a new skin of MyBanco. Skins are very easy to make, you do it by just copying an existing skin to a new directory (skins are in C:\xampp\htdocs\Skins)…. Read more »

Installing MyBanco with XAMPP on Windows

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Download xampp-win32-1.7.0.exe from the Apache Friends website Run xampp-win32-1.7.0.exe, and set the ‘Extract Path’ to C:\ ( It’s OK, all the files will go inside a directory called ‘xampp’ ) When the extracting has finished, go into C:\xampp\, and rename htdocs to htdocs.old Create a new directory called ‘htdocs’ Copy all of the extracted files… Read more »

Even more patches for MyBanco

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Yesterday I talked about the mybanco-0.05-better-curl-support patch, and now I have a few more to share. ==> mybanco-0.05-check-for-mysql.patch This patch makes the backend spit out a nice error if there is no MySQL extension loaded on the server. This is much better then things just appearing t do nothing ==> mybanco-0.05-better-errors-when-they-happen.patch This patch adds more… Read more »

New patch for MyBanco!

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Hello everyone! About time I updated this blog! Today I am writing to give you all a new patch (with another one comming in about one hour or three.) This first patch, which I am going to offer up today is to improve a small issue with installations that do not have cURL enabled. If/when… Read more »

Facebook photos

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<Ashley> Kayla came up with something so funny… you know when you take photos from up above you, they’re ‘myspace’ photos? well, she reckons that when you take photos with the camera looking up at you, they’re ‘Facebook’ photos xD

Livin’ the life of a working boy

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So, I thought I might like to tell you all that I am working the life of the working man now. I recently (on Thursday) started work at my first real full-time job at Digital Pacific. It seems like a pretty good place, and even though it means moving from my current place in residence,… Read more »