NoMachine’s GUI for OS X requires Rosetta?

I was just booting up my Mac to take some nice pretty screenshots of my cluster install process, and I realised that NoMachine’s client for OS X does not even properly support Intel CPU’s -.-”

Anyways, unlike Adobe porting Creative Suite to Linux, at least NoMachine are actually working on it.

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  • Tim Groeneveld


    Hey John,
    Yeah, I know that it is coming, and I did comment on it. NoMachine is a fantastic technology, and I feel proud when I say that it is a lot easier to install then Citrix for Windows. Now all that is needed is a few better apps for Linux and hopefully your product will have more sales!

  • John Watts



    Hang in there. We’re working on getting native Mac Intel support.

    The port to QT should help us support Mac Intel as well as native clients for other platforms.

    Thanks for using NoMachine!



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