How MyStocko works

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A few months ago, when I started working on MyBanco, I wrote a special RPC, or Remote procedure call protocol, a network protocol that allows a computer program running on one host to cause code to be executed on another host. This protocol, which uses HTTP/HTTPS and JSON is called MyInfo. MyInfo was designed so… Read more »

MyBanco 0.05 bad query patch

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There is a small typo around line 115 of backend/Plugins/transfer.php, where a line that says: $SQL = ‘INSERT INTO `myinfo`.`temp_data` ( should actually say $SQL = ‘INSERT INTO `temp_data` ( You can either change this typo manually by hand, or download the patch from my patches folder my MyBanco. mybanco-0.05-bad-query.patch 15-Oct-2008 07:50 patch mybanco-0.05-bad-query.patch.md5 15-Oct-2008… Read more »

Announcing MyStocko

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With the help of researchers Robert Marks, Blake LeBaron and John Holland, I have been able to start implementing an algorithm for a “self operating” stock exchange. Called MyStocko, it is an application that will be able to operate a simulated stock exchange automatically without any user or operator intervention. It records all buy/sell transactions,… Read more »

How the stock exchange works

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I have always wanted to be able to write my own software to run a stock exchange, but I have never been able to get a full grasp on how the whole stock exchange system worked. I always had been left with many questions. How exactly are the prices decided of the buying and selling… Read more »

MyBanco 0.05 out!

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100% Detect if all required modules are in PHP 90% Insert SQL dump into MySQL Could be improved on the SQL file import side Coming to the next release, which is due in seven days, is the ability for people people to gain money for posting on a forum!

MyBanco v0.05 is coming

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The new version of MyBanco will be out within the next few hours, boasting a few new handy features, such as: An installer, which will insert the SQL dump into MySQL automatically. A few minor bugs fixed. Patches for SMF to enable the ability for people people to gain money for posting on a forum…. Read more »

Windows version of MyBanco released

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I have just added a zip version of MyBanco at the download site, so that people who are not advanced enough for Linux or OS X (only mucking around… seriously) can download MyBanco and upload MyBanco to thier webhost. You can download MyBanco from the usual place. Remember, it is licensed under the Affero General… Read more »

New MyBanco bug fix release (v0.04)

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# diffstat mybanco-0.03-to-0.04.patch CHANGELOG               |  4 ++++ Skins/Simple/Simple.php | 38 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- backend/index.php       | 28 ++++++++——————– backend/test.php        |  7 +++++++ libs/MyInfo-Client.php  |  7 +++—- 5 files changed, 59 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-) Mainly a bugfix release. Fixes the following issues: Data sent to MyInfo is now always unescaped. Nice pretty runtime errors for MyBanco. The right MyInfo server… Read more »

Anouncing MyBanco!

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Ever wanted to run your own bank? Well, my new [experimental] web application allows you to do exactly that. While some may say that I just have way too much time on my hands, others might just say that I should get top marks for my IPT [Information Processing Technology] assignment. We had to build… Read more »