Internet Travels

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*sigh* the Internet. From updated software to the Himalayas’. I thought that I might just describe today how I got lost in an interesting maze of Handbrakes to Schools in the Indian Himalayas. So, I was doing my normal morning Internet browse, off discovering what new and interesting tidbits of information I could discover. On… Read more »

Broadcom is part of the Linux Foundation

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When you look at the Linux landscape, there are traditionally two companies which are well known for lacking support when it comes to Linux. ATI and Broadcom. Well, good news when looking at the Broadcom landscape! Broadcom, well known for frequently holding out when it came to delivering drivers – especially Wi-Fi drivers and source… Read more »

PHP Fog gets $1.8m in funds

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PHP is one of the most popular web development language in the world, with millions of active developers and tens of millions of PHP-based sites already in deployment. A new company on the PHP scene has been created to service the hundreds of thousands of application developers who work with PHP on a daily basis…. Read more »

Google owns On2. What now?

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When it comes to companies that create multimedia codecs, I have followed none closer then that of On2 Technologies. On2 came to my attention when TrueMotion VP3 was released as Open Source Software in late 2001. On2 released the source code of their VP3 codec. They irrevocably disclaimed all rights to the codec and gave… Read more »

A CMS for Video?

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I have recently been looking for an application that will allow me to put up a mini series of videos for one particular topic. Something like YouTube+Moodle, but slimmer. Of course like any well trained computer nerd it was off to Google to go find my answer.¬†Unfortunately¬†there was not really that much that tickled my… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s 2011, time for a new year and a list of new years resolutions. The United Nations has designated 2011 the International Year of Forests and International Year of Chemistry, but the real question is: what will I designate the year 2011 to? Well, for starters year 2011 will be the year of finalising last… Read more »