Happy New Year!

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To all my friends that I have never met in real life – Happy New Year! This year is going to present some fun times. My code for autodeploying servers with predefined settings on them (eg, MySQL clusters, HTTP clusters) should be released some time soon. Also, ShareSource’s compile farm will go live. Another exciting… Read more »

New books in my library

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Today was 32°C. I decided to go to McDonald’s and buy a nice cold frozen Fanta. A few days after I moved to Sydney I found this very awesome book store near Central Station called Basement Books. Seriously, WOW. Basement Books, conveniently located in central Sydney, offers 8kms and over 10,000 titles of discounted books… Read more »

Yes, I am still alive

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Between playing with my new computer and busily working away on two personal projects, I have not really updated my blog. Infact, my blog has been getting no loving at all. I thought I might just spend a few minutes at this terrible hour of the morning to update people on what is going on…. Read more »

Speed of photo transfers in Linux…

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Ever since I have started using KDE with Linux/FreeBSD as my desktop replacing Windows, there has been just one thing that has really annoyed me about both of these desktops, and that is using Kodak cameras. Yes – I know, such a simple device, but you will be amazed at how many headaches it used… Read more »

MyBanco: FAQ

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Every time I go to my Inbox every morning; I seem to have three or four questions waiting for me regarding MyBanco. Starting from the most asked question, and going down to questions I seem to get less often, I thought I might answer a few of those questions so that I will never have… Read more »

Facebook photos

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<Ashley> Kayla came up with something so funny… you know when you take photos from up above you, they’re ‘myspace’ photos? well, she reckons that when you take photos with the camera looking up at you, they’re ‘Facebook’ photos xD