A CMS for Video?

I have recently been looking for an application that will allow me to put up a mini series of videos for one particular topic. Something like YouTube+Moodle, but slimmer. Of course like any well trained computer nerd it was off to Google to go find my answer. Unfortunately there was not really that much that tickled my interest.

Being a PHP developer, having something that is written in PHP would be a very big plus 🙂

I did find an application called ‘Clipbucket’, however, this didn’t really seem to do the job that I was looking for the application to perform.

After hours of Googling, I do not believe there is a PHP application that does what I want. I was faced with two options: 1. Write my own or 2. Drop the ‘PHP’ requirement. Option 1 was rulled out because I now have 2,013 projects to finish so off to option 2 🙂

After digging around I found a project called MediaCore (http://getmediacore.com/). This application checks most boxes on my checklist and from the looks of it does not appear to take 6 hours to install and configure. That and the theme it ships with is simply stunning.

MediaCore is a free open source video CMS and podcast platform. It makes distributing media on any website easy, and has a powerful range of features that can transform any website into a media rich experience.

Every aspect of MediaCore can be controlled, allowing you to manage all video, podcasts, and comments through a beautiful control panel. MediaCore is so awesome that it will generate iTunes Feeds and RSS feeds for you automatically!

Now just to find the time to set it up and import everything :]

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