A new PHP Asterisk Gateway Interface

In my random searches of the Internet, I have found on Github a new PHP AGI framework. Incase all of that sounded like gibberish: AGI == Asterisk Gateway Interface. Asterisk == VoIP Server. VoIP Server == “Press 1. for”, PHP Framework == “if ($key->pressed == “1”) {” 🙂

This framework (nicely named just PAGI) is intended to simply making agi applications. All you need to do to get started is extend the PAGIApplication class and your signal handler, error handler, init, and shutdown methods are automatically setup and called.

Something really interesting about PAGI is that it uses log4php which is from the Apache Software Foundation. As the name suggests, it is a logging framework for PHP which supports writing logs in a variety of different ways. Very awesome, and it seems like using PAGI might be a good way to also get my feet wet with log4php.

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