Looking for Alpha Testers!

Do you like testing and writing documentation for new and exciting applications? I am currently working on a new enterprise application which will simplify the deployment of new machines in a Unix network. It’s literally plug, deploy and play!

I can’t really tell that much just yet on what the application actually does, that’s top secret – but if you would like to be apart of the future, drop me a comment and I will send you the link to the download. The ISO is currently ~900MB, and a new updated version is released on my FTP server every 14 days.

Updating the system is simple, as it’s a rolling release. Just drop yourself into a console and type ‘pacman -Syu’ or click the ‘Update Software’ button in the user interface.

Alpha testers must be able to show a commitment to the Open Source community, and be willing to help write missing documentation for specific features.

Testers will need to be able to use BIND, MySQL, Apache, asciidoc, Xen, OpenVZ and a few other cool open source applications to be able to test the software and see it’s full potential (and fix things when it breaks…)

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  • Tim Post


    My God … Igor … WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???

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