Yes, I am still alive

Between playing with my new computer and busily working away on two personal projects, I have not really updated my blog. Infact, my blog has been getting no loving at all. I thought I might just spend a few minutes at this terrible hour of the morning to update people on what is going on.

  • ShareSource (Open source code forge)
    Yes, ShareSource is still being maintained. It has not died. I have almost finished writing the last dabs of the Xen software for ShareSource, as well as rewriting the template engine so it is all consistent. (Did you know that ShareSource has three ways of rendering pages?). Digital Pacific (the crew that I work for) have donated a Xen server for a compile farm for ShareSource, which is very neat.
  • MyBanco (Open source banking software)
    I have sitting in the Mercurial repository a pile of code to do with managing loans for users who have an account with the bank. New loans can be requested by a user, and verified by the Administrator(s). The money is either a) made out of reserves (ie, pulled out of thin air… like real money) or b) pulled out of a reserve account (like a “perfect” monetary system).
  • Galium (Open source top level domain management software)
    In a few days, I will be pushing code that fixes a medium issue with the adding of new records. In some cases, a user can enter particular inputs that crash BIND.

My new computer is going well. Running Compiz and Xen together allows me to have CentOS on one side of the cube, Arch Linux on the “main” side, and Windows on the other. Now there is love. My two new wide screen monitors are also pure joy.

My “top secret” project is coming along well, too. One part of the project is nearing release soon, which should give quite a good idea on the whole solution.

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  • Ringo De Smet


    Hello Tim,

    I recently discovered and was very glad to see that the ShareSource sources were also available for download. My company requires internal repo setup, but I want it to be easy. I think ShareSource will help me in that with a private setup.

    However, I noticed that the last commit in the Mercurial repo of the ShareSource project was from about a year ago. How up to date are the sources?

    Next, I tried to hg clone the sharesource sources, but neither of the following URLs where usable:

    What is the correct URL for cloning?


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